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Bringing Treatment Home


Based on the treatment and recovery circle model, Bringing Home Treatment provides a full continuum of substance abuse services on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation in Tucson, AZ that are culturally appropriate, holistic, multi-disciplinary, and community-based.

"The project provided a full continuum of substance abuse services on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation in Tucson, AZ. The substance abuse treatment continues to provide culturally appropriate, holistic, multi-disciplinary, community-based rehabilitation and intensive outpatient treatment services. The objective of the project was to produce a sustainable, full spectrum system capable of meeting virtually all the substance abuse treatment needs of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona." As such this example may represent a one-time project incorporating several program models or services. "The program is based on a theoretical model called the treatment and recovery circle. This model places the client at the center surrounded by all the resources of the care system. As treatment progresses, the client moves toward the outer part of the circle, becoming part of the community of care that constitutes the treatment and recovery circle. Services provided include outreach, diagnosis/intake, intensive outpatient, residential referral, day-treatment, dispensing of methadone, case management including home visits, medical, mental health, aftercare, and follow up services. " A web search, however, did not reveal a specific model named ‘treatment and recovery circle'. Retrieved from

According to One Sky Center, evaluation efforts have been undertaken: “Evaluators adopted an “ecocultural” perspective in carrying out both process and outcomes evaluation of the project. Comparison group and other quasi experimental designs for overall program performance at particular points in time are used; case studies, focus groups, and other more qualitative methods are used for probing program performance in order to detect problems in need of rectification. GPRA Core Client outcome data was collected and compiled in accordance with established CSAT standards.” Retrieved from


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