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Gathering of Native Americans (GONA)/Gathering of Alaska Natives (GOAN)


A Gathering of Native Americans (GONA)/Gathering of Alaska Natives (GOAN) is an organized, culture-based community gathering where Tribal community members address community-identified issues (suicide prevention, substance use disorders, etc.).

"A GONA is a culture-based planning process where community members gather to address community-identified issues. It uses an interactive approach that empowers and supports AI/AN tribes. The GONA approach reflects AI/AN cultural values, traditions, and spiritual practices."

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Gary Neumann, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

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Native Wellness Institute 

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Tribally created
  • Community
  • Tribe
  • Child perceived as problem by parents
  • Exposure to conflict or violence (family or otherwise)
  • Exposure to stress
  • Low self esteem
  • Mental health problems
  • Parental temperament
  • Social isolation
  • Substance abuse
  • Build trust and confidence in community
  • Community support when faced with challenges
  • Involvement in positive activities
  • Positive social connection and support
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Relational skills
  • Safe community focus
  • Self-efficacy
  • Social and emotional competence
  • Community involvement/participation/contribution
  • Cultural community gatherings
  • Cultural identity/sense of belonging to cultural group
  • Cultural teachings
  • Ethnic pride/self-esteem
  • Expressing Native identity
  • Focus/determination
  • Happiness
  • Hope/looking forward/optimism
  • Increasing coping skills
  • Kinship/elders/community connection/ties
  • Support (family, friends, community)/interdependence
  • Agent
  • Resource