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From Legacy to Choice


Following up on earlier suicide prevention initiatives, including Native Hope, the Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) developed and implemented a five-day workshop on understanding multigenerational trauma.


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“Evaluation of the program was conducted through pre- and post-surveys as well as interviews. . . .  Through the program evaluation, participants also conveyed a process in which they engage in self-help, through developing personal coping mechanisms to deal with feeling of fear, shame, and/or guilt, in order to help others (family, friends, community) and through helping others, find affirmation and accept that they themselves can reach out and accept help from others.” From From National Health Indian Board, “Healthy Indian Country Initiative Promising Prevention Practices Resource Guide,”

“Moving through the issues of historical trauma, and grief improved communications between community members; increased understanding of community trauma; increased support systems; and empowered the community members to work together to deal with problems in order to prevent continued community trauma passing from generation to generation. Many attendees learned valuable skills to help them cope with the negative impacts of historical trauma. The program led the CCT to start natural healing systems issues surrounding loss and historical trauma and how they relate to suicide.” From

Tribally created
  • Community
  • Tribe
  • Build trust and confidence in community
  • Community support when faced with challenges
  • Positive social connection and support
  • Community involvement/participation/contribution
  • Historical trauma resilience
  • Increasing coping skills
  • Support (family, friends, community)/interdependence
  • Traditional healing practices