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Evaluation of American Indian Health Service Training in Pain Management and Opioid Substance Use Disorder.

We examined thebenefits of a collaboration between the IndianHealth Service and an academic medical center to address the high rates of unintentional drug overdose in American Indians/Alaska Natives. In January 2015, the Indian Health Service became the first federal agency to mandate training in pain and opioid substance use disorder for all prescribing clinicians. More than 1300 Indian Health Service clinicians were trained in 7 possible 5-hour courses specific to pain and addiction. We noted positive changes in pre- and postcourse knowledge, self-efficacy, and attitudes aswell as thematic responses showing the trainings to be comprehensive, interactive, and convenient.

Katzman, Joanna G.; Fore, Chris; Bhatt, Snehal; Greenberg, Nina; Salvador, Julie Griffin; Comerci, George C.; Camarata, Christopher; Marr, Lisa; Monette, Rebecca; Arora, Sanjeev; Bradford, Andrea; Taylor, Denise; Dillow, Jenny; Karol, Susan
American Journal of Public Health
American Public Health Association
TRAINING of medical personnel; PAIN management; OPIOID abuse; TRAINING; EVALUATION; HEALTH of Native Americans; ACADEMIC medical centers; SELF-efficacy; UNITED States. Indian Health Service; TREATMENT
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