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Development, Testing, and Use of a Valid and Reliable Assessment Tool for Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Youth Programming Using Culturally Appropriate Methodologies.

This article documents how culturally appropriate research methods were used to develop and construct a valid and reliable assessment tool to measure program outcomes in an agency providing services to urban American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youths and families. The tool was developed to provide a psychometrically sound way to assess Native youths' progress toward culturally defined indicators of youth success. Assessment data collected are simultaneously used to evaluate the effectiveness of social services in ways that are meaningful to this AI/AN community, researchers, and potential funders. This research establishes a foundation and framework for creating assessment tools in other AI/AN-specific agencies.

Gowen, L. Kris; Bandurraga, Abby; Jivanjee, Pauline; Cross, Terry; Friesen, Barbara J.
Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work
Taylor & Francis Ltd
Culture; Focus groups; Indigenous peoples of the Americas; Metropolitan areas; Psychological tests; Community-based social services; Oregon; Mental depression -- Research; Discriminant analysis; Experimental design; Research methodology; Research -- Evaluation; Financing of research
American Indian/Alaska Native; assessment tool; protective factors; resilience
Tribal Adaptation